4 Best Patio Cover Ideas To Dress Up a Backyard 

Studies prove that something just belongs together, like rain + coffee, furniture + living room, wifi + cafes, or patio covers + backyard. 

The backyard is the iconic setting for outdoor adventures and activities during summer, winter or any other season. One of the best ways to dress up backyards is to install a patio cover area. These areas will look beautiful next to your home and also create a shady space to spend time on a sunny day. 

There is a wide range of options available for installing the best patio covers in Escondido CA. So how to choose the best one? No worries! Here we have some of the best patio cover ideas to consider. 

Best Patio Cover Ideas to Beautify Your Backyard

  1. Aluminum Patio Covers

    aluminium patio cover

Being a classic, durable, and maintenance-free, aluminum patio covers are the best in enhancing your property appearance. There are various style, design, and colors available in the market for aluminum patios. Along with this, aluminum is high water and weather resistance, which means it can withstand harsh weather. 

  1. Wooden Patio Covers

    wooden patio cover

Wooden covers are simple yet elegant that makes a huge difference to your backyard aesthetic appearance. Over the years, we know wood is popular for its natural colors and patterns. Consider wooden patio covers for your backyard sitting, if you have a wooden texture house. However, with wooden covers, regular maintenance, treatment for weather resistance, and polishing also exist. 

  1. Lattice Covers

    lattice patio cover

Lattice covers are the best style available for patios. It comes in different sizes and shapes. In this cover, they combine various lattices to form a unique pattern. The overall look is beautiful and elegant. Additionally, you can consider these patio covers if you want something mesmerizing in your backyard. 

  1. Pergolas


The next style in patio covers is the pergolas. It is the shaded walkway, passageways, or sitting area with vertical pillars. Pergolas are one of the renowned patio covers made up of metallic or wooden beams that can expand using extended walls. Once the light falls, it creates an intimate environment with a beautiful shade. 

Install it With Patio Roof Contractors

Whether you want to install wooden or pergolas patio covers, hiring the best contractors is very important. One of the leading exterior home remodeling experts in Escondido is BNC Construction. If you want to know more about home renovation or best patio cover ideas, then contact at 760 871 5480. Also, follow Facebook and Twitter for regular updates and remodeling ideas.