A Complete Guide On Sunroom Addition Cost

Do you want to enjoy the outdoors even in cold weather conditions? Are you excited to add some natural light in your home? If yes, then the answer to all these questions is the addition of a sunroom to your house. When you are looking for a professional sunroom addition service, keep yourself aware of some cost factors as well.

The average sunroom addition cost is around $12,000-$90,000 for 200 square foot area. But this cost varies based on different factors that you can learn below.

Factors Affecting Sunroom Addition Cost

1. Types of sunrooms

There are 2 ways to build a sunroom. One is to build from a prefabricated kit and the other is a custom-built kit. The cost of using a prefabricated kit is $6000-$30,000. While the custom-built kit can cost around $8000-$80,000.

  • The integrated sunroom cost around $3000-$25,000. It is built in a properly attached manner with your home.
  • Screen rooms range between $5000-$25,000. It is a good option when you want to enjoy the fresh air outside without any bugs.
  • Solarium sunroom cost around $40,000-$90,000. It is designed from aluminum or wooden frame and can attract both heating and cooling effects.

2. Location of sunrooms

There are different locations in your home where you can install a sunroom. If you choose the location attached to your house, then it may be a very expensive one. Moreover, the selection of location depends on the purpose of building a sunroom in your home.

If the purpose is to do fun parties with friends, then installing a sunroom on a deck or porch is a good choice. While the sunroom build on a patio is best for shade and entertainment purposes. So, the location factor can also affect the overall sunroom addition cost. 

3. Material and parts to build sunrooms

The most common materials used to build sunrooms are vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Vinyl is the best material that comes in different sizes, styles, and colors but is a very expensive option. Aluminum is good to install large windows in sunrooms. While wood requires daily maintenance to prevent its cracking.

The parts of sunrooms include foundation, insulation, roof, windows, doors, electrical work, HVAC, and interior finish. The average cost of these parts is:

  • Foundation : $1500 – $6000
  • Insulation   : $1200 – $1800
  • Roof           : $2500 – $8000
  • Windows    : $2500 – $20,000
  • Doors         : $1500 – $3500
  • Electrical Work: $65 – $85 per hour
  • HVAC        : $500 – $7500
  • Interior Finish : $400-$4000

Looking For Professional Sunroom Addition To Your Home?

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