Best Exterior Home Renovation Ideas To Transform Your Home 

When it comes to home remodeling, people usually focus more on the interior of the house where they spend much of their time. However, even the most beautiful interior will do not get the expected resale value if the exterior of the home is neglected. 

Enhancing the curb appeal and durability by remodeling the outer area of the home will not only increase property value but can also be very rewarding for homeowners. Exterior home renovation ideas don’t always have to involve expensive plans. Sometimes small changes can also make a huge difference.  

Here are the top four different ideas to consider when remodeling your property.

Simple Exterior Home Renovation Ideas

Make Creative Walls With Attractive Wooden Siding

Wood sidings are beautiful on its own but don’t be afraid to get creative. If your renovation services include replacement of sidings and you have opted for wood, take a moment to consider different wood siding design ideas. Try to mix vertical and horizontal boards on a two-story home or try out a diagonal design. 

Wood siding

Think about the different width boards between very wide and very narrow. You may also love the look of mixing wood siding with steel or faux stone siding. Apart from this, you can also go with a cedar shake in diamonds, half-circles, and other unusual patterns.  

Play with Window and Door Trim Colors

This is one of the best exterior home renovation ideas when you plan for home remodeling. Windows and door trims are usually overlooked when it comes to exterior renovations, but actually you can create a great contrast using them properly. Whether your home has wood or PVC trim, you can repaint whatever trim is on your home. 


Nowadays, the most obvious choices are stark white or a stunning jet black, but try to consider non-traditional colors as well. Such as bright red, orange, yellow, or blue. Actually, these colors can look nice on trim, as long as the house itself is a fairly neutral shade. 

Most of the homeowners are hesitant to go bright with colors on the exterior. So trim is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and play with some color shade. 

Try Shutters on Window

Just as changing the trim, adding shutters to the window is also one of the best exterior home renovation ideas that can make a huge impact. 

Shutters for Windows

Shutters are great and work well on a variety of different home styles. Additionally, it also creates a welcoming feeling. It is also a great way to experiment or add color to the exterior without really drastically changing the color scheme.

Dark, bright, and bold colors can look modern and striking. Instead of painting, another option is to select a beautiful stained and sealed redwood or other wood. 

Focus on a Landscape Remodel

Modernized home exterior design goes much further than just the house itself. You might have possibly seen people with huge areas around the house but are the area is surrounded by plain grass or dirt. This clearly shows that a poorly planned and managed landscape will make a house look less appealing. 


There are plenty of DIY landscaping ideas that beginners can achieve to get the process started.  Having a well-manicured lawn, tidy driveway, and trimmed shrubs and trees will make your property look more valuable.

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Remodeling the exterior part of your home can be satisfying and can really increase the pride of your home when visitors or even a passerby notices. If you are planning on eventually selling your home, it is equally important that the exterior is welcoming and will lure potential buyers in.  

These were some common but one of the most important exterior home renovation ideas. That can change the entire look of your property. If you need any help, you can get in touch with the home remodeling contractors at BNC Builders Inc. For booking and FREE quotes call us at 760 871 5480.

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