Check Out The Best Deck Floor Designs For 2019

Your home is not less than a castle for you. The place that is totally under your control – the master of your realm. Hence, being an owner, you are always looking for ways to enhance what you have. Well, here in this article we will focus on the trending deck floor designs. 

It is interesting to observe the growth and advancement of the deck over time and over the patio. In fact, the demand for the patio and decks construction is highly correlated with the overall health of the housing market. However, as to the 2019 reports, the current trend in the home building certainly favors the deck over the long-favored patios. During building a patio there are lots of factors that are considered such as materials, size, patterns, and layouts. But when it comes to decks, the boards are usually laid parallel to the house. 

So, why not break out of the old hat system and try something different? This may cost a little more for supplies, and it will need a little more attention, but creating a decent deck floor designs with your decking boards will impress all visitors and increase the overall value of the property. 

Decent Deck Floor Designs to Spark Your Imagination

 1. Diagonal Decking

Decking boards are the first thing that people will notice on your deck. Hence, there are multiple ways to install them making them more attractive. You can use different board widths and lay the board in several patterns to increase visual interest. The pattern you prefer will alter the joist spacing and layout. 

For example, a straight deck design usually needs joists spaced 16 inches in the center. Whereas, a diagonal deck floor design needs a joists spacing of 12 inches in the center. In the case of parquet and other intricate patterns may need extra support, such as double joists or additional blocking. When you are working for sturdy wood decking, make sure you use at least 5/4 lumber. This is essential as people opting thinner boards gets easily twisted. 

Diagonal Decking

When we talk about deck patterns, diagonal decking pattern is one of the best and easiest options to straight runs. Moreover, it can be more interesting in looks if you run the diagonals in different directions on different platforms or levels of the deck. In the case of diagonal patterns, it will usually need closer joists spaced than a straight pattern.  

2. Parquet Patterns

Usually, parquet patterns are visually stunning and best suited to more formal decks, and those that don’t include bi- or multicolored design features. These patterns require joists and blocking to provide an adequate support surface for attaching the butted ends of boards. 

Parquet Patterns

3. Straight Patterns

Straight deck floor designs are traditional patterns. But even a straight pattern can be interesting when built-in shapes. A framed opening for a free or large rock requires extra blocking between joists. Short joists are attached to blocking with joist hangers. 

Straight Patterns

4. Bordered Patterns

It is also great to have a border pattern with mitered corners. It will provide an elegant look to your deck. They are especially effective when used around the inside deck edge bordering a garden or a swimming pool. Make sure you install trim joists to support the border decking. 

Bordered Patterns


A deck is a great place to relax or entertain, apart from that it also adds value and beauty to your abode. There are many more benefits of adding a deck to your property. All in all, if you are planning to build a deck and want it to be attractive and stylish, consider creating these deck floor designs.

If you have planned to build a deck in your backyards yourself, then you are right! But make sure you are known to all of the factors from how to build a deck to the materials required. In case, if you are not confident enough to take on the job yourself, you can get in touch with the talented team at BNC Builders Inc. We are considered as one of the best wood deck builders in Escondido. For consultation and bookings, you can call us at 760 871 5480. Moreover, you can follow us on Facebook & Twitter for regular service updates.