A Guide For Cost Of Home Addition Types

When you plan to add a room or want to expand your bedroom, the cost is the first thing to consider. The home addition is a long term investment and so it must be decided carefully. The cost of home addition also includes all the labor costs, material and permits cost in it.

As the additions differ in style and types, so it is advisable to contact 3-4 professional home addition contractors near you. Know the cost of different home addition types here.

Cost of Home Addition Types

1. Adding a room

To add extra bedrooms is the common home addition type. The cost of adding room ranges between $80 to $200 per square foot. Building out construction can add a room on the ground floor of the house. It is an expensive type of construction. While building up will add a room on the second floor of the house.

home addition

2. Building sunrooms around home

The cost of building sunrooms around your home is around $16,315 to $70,000 for 200 square feet area. It varies based on factors like space, location and extra activities inside it. The extra activities cost include electricians ($50-$100 per hour), painters($20-$35 per hour) and carpenters($70 per hour).

3. Detached type of additions

The detached home addition will vary in style and price. If you want simple shed-like structures outside your home with no electricity or heat then it cost around $15,000. The cost to build full guest-houses in this style can go up to $24,658. To complete these detached additions, contact expert electricians and painters also.

Need Professional Help?

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