Creative Room Addition Ideas For People Around Escondido

In this era of constant changes in trends and home decor ideas, smartly investing in room addition is preferred rather than spending dollars in buying a new house altogether. 

Room additions help in renovating your house on a budget. With proper and useful room additions, the resale value of your house can skyrocket. 

Do you want your dream house without burning a hole in your pocket? Then, learn here the best room addition ideas specially designed for Escondido residents.

Know The Best and Most Charming Room Addition Ideas 

Most homeowners have lost interest in their house either because of its outdated decor or lack of space. The following room addition ideas will not only modernize your house but also give a comfortable space to live.

  • Design a Beautiful Sunroom 

Sunrooms are gaining immense popularity because of their luxurious appearance. They create a glassed-in living space attached to your house, that is mostly accessible from outdoors. You can increase the resale value of your home by building a proper sunroom. Even, you can add extra space for your social gatherings and other activities in it. 

It also proves to be pocket friendly in the long run as a sunroom has a natural light availability. Also, sunrooms don’t normally require a heater or air conditioner. This can also prove to be favorable for your plants as well.

  • Mudrooms and Modern Entryways 

Mudrooms help in keeping the rest of the house dirt free. Many people choose to have a space between the entryway and living room for designing a mudroom. However, mudrooms can be very beneficial as you can easily include a coat hanging closet or shoe storage in it. 

  • Reconstructed and Altered Basements

The basement area can be more than just for storing old collectibles and items. A renovated basement can be made into a gaming or an entertainment area. It not only provides an additional living space but also increases the ROI. 

  • Adding a Dormer 

The investment in a dormer is definitely worth your time and money. It creates extra space and gives your home a different exterior and interior structure. Dormer windows bring in ample sunlight and enhance ventilation. 

  • Increase Space With an Additional Story

With an additional story, you can gain more space without sacrificing your lawn area. This can work well for a big family. A balcony can be built in an additional story from where you can enjoy the view and relax.

Moreover, an additional story can also increase the market value of your home which can be very useful if you need to sell it in the future. 

Looking For The Best Room Addition Ideas In Escondido?  

We at BNC Builders are passionate about helping you to upgrade a house into your dream home. Our professionals also build additional rooms in a way that it can easily blend with the rest of your house. 

We work according to your aims, needs, and requirements and customize your additional room as per your style. Our experts provide quality home addition services in Escondido and all its nearby areas over many years.

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