Custom Home Building Mistake to be Avoided

There is nothing like a custom home building – it’s like a dream come true! As your every decision is your choice, you need attention to detail and thoughtful decision-making to ensure you get the home you want on time and in your budget.

Here we have shared 4 most common pitfalls to avoid:

1. Purchasing The Lot Too Quickly

A parcel on land might seem perfect, but can you construct your dream dwelling on it? There are some properties that come with a list of restrictions of do’s and don’t; from the environmental regulations that restrict the size of a future home to prohibitions against septic systems. Or else they have site challenges, such as a steep slope or porous soil, that can add a lot of money to construction costs. Before you buy a piece of property, find out what it will cost to prepare the site and bring in services, and determine if it carries building restrictions. Your realtor may help. We can too: Schedule a free consultation to get started.

2. Engaging an Architect Without a Builder Involved

An architect will design what you request for – but does it meet your budget, too? Talk to your builder first, as they can help determine a budget that includes site development, construction, materials, taxes, and design costs.

Custom Home Building

3. Designing Before Deciding The Budget

It is quite natural to dream about the possibilities of your new home and creating a wish list is an important part of the process. But don’t directly jump to the design stage without having a budget in place. This will avoid wastage of time and will assure that the process stays on track and will make it easier for you in the long run.

4. Forcing Custom Home Building Onto A Property Where It Doesn’t Fit

You need to understand the land where your house is sitting on. And depending on the site, you may have to tweak your vision. For instance, mid-century-inspired ranch home will not work on a narrow, steep-sloped site. Likewise, you need to make sure your builder and architect work together to design a custom home that works with your property and its surroundings; this will ensure it look nice, perform to expectations, and takes the best advantages of views, solar orientation, and other elements.

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