Steps For Building A Fire Pit On Patio

Having handsome stone pavers may expand your space. Moreover, are you planning to add a fire pit in any of the open areas of your house? It would be a destination place for you and your family members. People like to rest and spend some time with their family and friends but due to busy working life no one could do this.

Building a fire pit on the patio at home will give you much relief and more time. Then, you do not need to go outside on vacation to spend time with family and friends. But, the question arises how to build a fire pit? Do you need to hire professionals? Or create a DIY fire pit? Let’s focus on some steps that are useful for building a fire pit on the patio.

How To Build A Fire Pit On Patio?

Fire is a natural invitation for gathering and having a beautiful patio is like a smooth paint for many years.

Step 1: Build A Base

Prepare the base on your landscape. You can hire professional masons who can create flat bases using concrete for long-lasting fire pits. Once it is completed install the fire pit.

Step 2: Create Patio Line

Add three more perimeter string lines to complete the patio outline, squaring each using the 3-4-5-foot rule. Make use of line-level to slope the strings, so the water will always run off the patio or away from your house.

Step 3: Add Drainage

Add Drainage

You need to dump 3-4 inch-deep layers of 3⁄4-inch crushed stone into the pit and level it. This will help your fire pit to drain the water after rain. Moreover, you can enjoy your fire pit in the monsoon season also, if it is not filled with water.

Step 4: Fill The Joints Between Patio

Spread stone dust over the finished patio, to fill up the joins or gaps available. Try to make sure that your patio does not have any gaps that can spread the fire outside the patio.


Although people who try to create fire pits on their own damage their landscape area and risk their lives as well. It is always advised to hire the experienced fire pit building service, as they have better knowledge and unique ideas.

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