How to Construct a Propane Fire Pit?

A fire pit installation renovates the beauty of your backyard and also creates a nice warm environment during the winter season. When you are going for a professional fire pit installation, all the requirements are fulfilled by them only. If you are planning to construct a propane fire pit in your backyard, then follow the 4 easy steps given below.

4 Quick Steps to Build a Propane Fire Pit

1. Determine the burner size

A liquid propane tank can provide up to 90k BTUs of consistent heat. Here your burner size gets limited with the tank capacity. While using a built-in line, you can achieve more BTUs range. The short distance and large fuel lines can give more BTU power.

2. Gather all the required materials

You can make the DIY propane fire pit from bricks, cinder blocks, and pavers. After collecting all the materials in one place, measure them according to your burner size. Try to keep 3” of space on each side of the burner. This space will allow you to select the suitable size of your pan. Also, it allows the airflow at the bottom that is the basic necessity for propane.

3. Choose your ignition type

The ignition types for different fire pits vary based on requirements.

  • Match lit is a classic method where you have to manually turn on and off your fuel. You can use a match or lighter to turn on the fuel.
  • The push-button spark is similar to match lit method. The difference is here you have to press a button for turning the fuel on.
  • Also, the electronic method uses a premium system to ignite the flame. Such systems allow managing flame turn on/off and its speed through a switch or button click.

4. Add the necessary fixings in it

Irrespective of fire pit type, you will need at least 2 flex lines connection. Connect one flex line between your fuel line and ignition. Furthermore, the other flex line between the ignition and your burner or fire ring. Add a few form-fitting ledges inside the walls of your fire pit. It will make easy to drop or remove the pan inside it with no hassle.


Looking For Professional Fire Pit Installation at your home?

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