How To Install Deck Boards At Home?

The size of the deck board is usually 2”x4”, 2”x6”, or 5 ¼” x 6”. When you lay down the deck boards to give them the space for expansion and in room, so that the moisture can retain. Then, lay down on the deck boards, measure the deck board and lastly trim it accordingly. So, learn here the steps to install deck boards at home. 


Quick Steps To Install Deck Boards At Home 

  1. First, you need to decide the base where you want to install the deck board. Then, measure and divide the whole deck by the width of your boards. Also, keep 10-15 percent more part of the board to allow cutting and measurement errors.
  2. Choose the type of deck that you want to place. You can either choose a wood or cedar deck board type. Also, select the board with one side clean, so that it can be used for drilling. Collect the decking screws with one larger head in one place. 
  3. Mark the rim joist at a certain distance from outside of the header joist equal to the width of one decking board. Align the edge of the inside deck of the first length by a chalk line. 
  4. After you lay the deck boards on the base, align two screws through the board and into the joist. Keep the distance between each joist of ¾ to 1 inch from the edge of the board.
  5. Now, install the second decking row on the board. Make sure that after the decking is dried, keep a ⅛ inch gap between the boards. You can also use a spacer to keep the decking consistency.
  6. Screw a small woodblock on the side of the post, so that it can support the notched board. 
  7. After you made evenly spaced boards on the entire deck, then install your last board. Now, trim the boards by cutting the back corner of the deck to the front corner with the same side. Use a circular saw to trim all the overhanging boards to the same length.

Looking For a Professional Deck Board Installation Services?

As we have seen in the above steps on how to install deck boards at home. But, do you know it is not a simple task to do? Because, if you are not an experienced person, then this deck board installation can cause you an injury of needles or screws.

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