2019 Landscaping Design Cost Guide

One of the main elements of your home is landscaping. It provides you the extra privacy, security and amazing appeal to the home. Here, hiring multi-faceted construction company providing hardscaping and landscaping design services will help you create stunning exterior spaces with beautiful stone patio or cozy fire pit.

Moving into a new home or an existing home? Want to redesign the landscaping that reflects your style? Or want to revamp your yard? Whatever the needs, but the main question remain is what will be the average cost of landscape design plans? The landscaping design cost may vary according to your home remodeling requirements.

Factors Impacting The Cost of Landscaping Design and Construction

  • The size of your backyard
  • The features like a patio, outdoor kitchen, pool, etc.,
  • Building materials and plants
  • Your current location
  • Local labor costs

The average cost of landscaping design and construction project starts from $5,000 to over $100,000.

You must have heard about the golden rule to spend 10% on something that increases your home’s value i.e. landscaping design and builds. For example, if you have a property of $400,000, then you can invest approximately up to $40,000 on the landscaping project.

Whenever you are planning for budget always invest in a professional landscaping construction company as it will add great value to your home.

The significance of Hiring Professional Landscaping Design-Build Company

Hiring an experienced and certified home remodeling company providing landscaping and hardscaping services help you plan your budget. They will provide you landscape design ideas and also customized it according to your needs. You can also suggest their features and materials used in building landscaping designs which are within your budget.

So, the best way to determine the overall cost of the landscaping project is to have a professional that comes to your home and provide a free estimate. Ask for the multiple estimates to ensure that what you pay is a fair amount.

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