Small Home Swimming Pool Design Ideas of 2019

Do you have a dream of constructing a luxurious and unique swimming pool but confused because of a small home?

Now building a pool in a tiny home is not a big deal. Here we have discussed the top 4 small home swimming pool design ideas of 2019.

Consider these pool design tips to enjoy swimming all year round in your home.

Top 4 Small Home Swimming Pool Design Ideas 

1. Peaceful Plunge

swimming pool

Now you can swim privately in your home by constructing the pool on the terrace area. This peaceful pool design will surely boost your swimming activity while providing peace of mind. You can also consider adding a lift facility in your tiny home, which directly takes you towards a luxurious diving experience.

2. Cocktail Pool 

coctail swimming pool


Missing those night cocktail parties? Don’t worry! Now you can add a feeling of a party in your home itself. No matter how small is your home, the addition of a pool with a cocktail theme will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. With straight-line swimming pool design and the addition of yellow lightning, you will surely get into the party mood.

3. Beachfront

beachfront swimming pool

Now you don’t have to go miles for beach diving activity. Consider a beachfront small home swimming pool design to get the same beach feeling. Ensure to have a tiny pool surrounded with trees for the fresh and cool breeze. Know here the best landscaping ideas for pools.

4. Private Dive 

Private swimming pool

If you are craving private and silent swimming activity, then this private pool design idea is for you. Creating a small partition in your home beside the living room helps you achieve that special diving experience. Consider having a square shape pool as it consumes less space.

Create Your Small Home Swimming Pool with BNC Builders!

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