2019 Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends You Need To Know!

The kitchen plays a major role when it comes to home ambiance and style. Therefore, kitchen remodeling trends have gone to another level nowadays. From the past decade, it has seen a tremendous boom. However, the design and types of a kitchen vary from home to home. Some homeowners prefer to have a kitchen attached to the living area and some prefer totally separate. 

Usually, people in Escondido prefer decent and appealing kitchen remodeling designs. For instance, in the 90s kitchen remodeling trends were usually been of wooden. Now the tables have turned, modern alternations are making the kitchen jaw-dropping with metallic finesse to add a bit more of a modern touch to it.  

So, if you are planning for a brand new home or simply a kitchen renovation, check out these trending kitchen remodeling trends. 

Top 4 Admired Kitchen Remodeling Trends

1. Dark Colored Kitchens:

A dark color kitchen can give a great look with the beautiful light color combination for e.g. dark grey with ash with, dark charcoal with maroon, dark brown with cream color, charcoal with pearl grey and many more. 

The best part about dark color kitchen is that they are easy to maintain in terms of dust and smoke. Remodeling contractors in Escondido quite often suggest the dark theme as it not just looks good but also offers less maintenance. 

Even though, if the kitchen color combination is not complemented with proper lightning, the whole aura doesn’t really work. So, you need to make sure that you have a proper lighting setup to accent that dark theme.  

Dark Colored Kitchens

2. The Light-Coloured Kitchens:

Whenever it comes to kitchen remodeling trends especially with light colors, it gives peace and softness to eyes. If you prefer a light color scheme for your kitchen, it will give you an appealing look. Giving a spacious look due to the soft and bright nature with proper lights, light-colored kitchen themes will work serenely.

The Light-Coloured Kitchens

3. Transitional Style Kitchens:

The kitchen remodeling trends include both the elements i.e. traditional and contemporary. This kitchen can also be graded as a vintage kitchen mainly due to its versatility of items included in the decor.  

Transitional Style Kitchens

4. Mountain Modern Kitchen:

Mountain modern kitchen is one of the top emerging kitchen remodeling trends. This style can be said as the upgraded version of the classic lodge style. The common hallmarks of this style consist of: 

  • Concrete Flooring 
  • High Ceiling
  • Wooden Beams, etc.
  • A large glass window/ glass door.

Mountain Modern Kitchen

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