What Is The Cost Of Whole House Renovation?

Renovation always increases the beauty and value of your house. But anyone who takes your renovation project will explain the cost factors. As the whole house is not created equal, the cost of renovation varies according to the area and square foot.

Moreover, hiring professional home remodeling services helps you to clear all the parameters related to the cost. In this blog, you will learn the cost of a whole-house renovation based on the areas of the house. 

Cost of Whole House Renovation According To The Area

1. Kitchen cost 

The most common price for remodeling your kitchen could be $23,000 to $24,000. The per square foot price is $150. But depending on the location, the price can vary from $12,557 to $34,789. 

However, the cost of remodeling a minor kitchen is $20,800. The price for major remodeling in the kitchen is around $62,200. The upscale renovation cost around $123,000 that includes customization of cabinets and other appliances.

2. Living Room Cost  

The remodeling cost of your living room will be $7,264. A room without a lot of fixtures is not very expensive in comparison with the kitchen and bathroom areas. 

Renovating your living room will be less expensive and even you can do it on your own. Even a single paint can brighten up your living room. The average cost of renovating your living room will be from $6,705 to $7,823.

3. Bathroom Cost

The bathroom remodeling cost is around $10,349. It charges extra from $5,957 to $14,833 depending on the fixtures and finishes you choose for your bathroom. 

You should pay special attention while remodeling your bathroom because there is a huge flow of water daily. This water can damage the walls of your bathroom. Even the floors can weaken.

Do You Want to Hire Professional Interior Remodeling Services?

There is a limited life span for every appliance, fixture, every pipe and the piece of drywall you are using. Therefore, they need renovations after some time. It is always important to take anticipation at the right time.

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