Wood and Cement Siding Replacement Services

Home siding has two basic functions. The first is to protect the house from outside influences such as rain, snow, hail, and ice. Your siding is the first barrier to the entrance, although there are other elements that protect your home. The second function of the home siding is design. Your home should have a general and aesthetic appearance. Siding gives it the collective feel we all want.

Let’s See When We Need Wood and Cement Siding Replacement Services? 

The Most Common Failure of a House Siding is Water Penetration

If you have poor siding, water can enter your home, be it from the roof or window. They cause major damage such as mold or foundation issues. As we know building material can shrink and expand with the changing temperatures. It often overlaps the siding to cover the joints.

Water and fog can enter the house if the joints are not fully closed or sealed. Apart from water, siding also protects from wind. If unnecessary gusts of the air have entered your home, your furnace or boiler will work much harder, thus increasing your utility bills.

Let’s Know Some Interesting Things About Wood and Cement Siding

Wood Siding

  • Wood siding is so widespread and popular in many parts of the country. Many owners do not consider any other siding. Although there are many options that homeowners should be aware of, wood is still one of the best choices for living in a home.
  • It is a classic exterior siding option that comes in many forms. Owners can choose from a variety of woods, including pine, spruce, etc.
  • With its many styles, homeowners can use wood siding to create traditional and modern designs. In fact, it is one of the most popular materials that many present-day siding materials try to imitate.
  • Wood siding can last for more than a decade with proper care. It can take many shapes and forms. Therefore, it is such a profitable material.

Cement Siding

  • Composed of a mix of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers, this material offers a unique look and resistance to weather. Fiber cement is very similar to traditional wooden sidings and is often confused with wood. 
  • It is very resistant to damage. This protects against rain and wind damage in high-risk environments at a fraction of the cost of other siding options. It can even withstand storm-force winds.
  • 90% of the composition of this product comes from flammable materials. This siding can be stronger, even in extreme heat. Therefore, fiber cement is an excellent product for use outside of siding structures.
  • It can be painted with quality exterior paint without compromising the integrity of the cement. For proper care, we can repaint these siding materials every 7–15 years depending on its wear.

Take Advantage of The Expert Siding Replacement Services

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